About True Music Project


“Everything is performed safely and profesionally, but all the time with communication intact. Both in the singing between the two main characters-whose voices match each other so well-and between musician and listener. The name of the project certainly speaks the truth.”

“The songs reflects feelings of loneliness, longing, belonging, loss, love, sadness. It is close to using the term saudade…”


True Music Project

Tania Naranjo and Reuben Sallmander create in their collaboration True Music Project an exciting new, but recognizable, sound. The two meet in a partnership where Latino and Jewish music mix with classical, rock, and pop in a playful dance. In their music, one can sense creativity and exclusion but also longing, love, and the unspoken, the mystic.

The lyrics are written in the language most suitable. Poetical Swedish, English, Spanish, and Hebrew lyrics move organically alongside the music, describing the duo’s 100+ years of life experience. They perform just the two of them, as a quartet or with The True Music Orchestra. Tania Naranjo is a classical pianist, singer, and composer. Reuben Sallmander is an actor, singer, songwriter, and composer.

Line up:
  • Tania Naranjo, piano & song
  • Reuben Sallmander, song
  • Ola Bothzén, percussion
  • Johnny Åman, double bass
Bigger events:
  • Tobias Johansson, keyboards
  • Ulrika Mårtensson, cello
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